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Production 1


Here at EMP we pride ourselves in our work with film and photography. We have skilled Videographers, Photographers, Sound engineers at our disposal depending on clients needs.

We are able to capture the moment.


EMP editors want to be challenged. No matter how long or how advanced if it's do-able our editors will make it so.

We are able to create stories.

Post-Production 1
Services media

Media coverage

Have an event but have no way to get the word out there?                                                    Don't worry at EMP we can help you gain awareness via video and social media.

We are able to get the word out.

Social media marketing

We at EMP want you to have more time to concentrate on business crucial matters. So we are able to take control of your social media and make sure you grow on a virtual level.

We are able to keep your name high.

Social media marketing 1
Services brand


Here at EMP we believe the only way people can identify you as a trustworthy brand is by looking the part.

We are able to create the image.