About us

Evo Esports is a competitive esports organization focusing on being the best in the South African esports scene – Evo Esports is a division of Evo Media Productions and focuses purely on the competitive gaming aspect of the company.


Our passion is all about the thrill and excitement of playing on the main stage events. Watching the little situations unfold in Esports that can make you a winner or a runner up.


Our vision is to create a brand that is recognizable within the Esports industry. We also aspire to grow the industry and make it a stable environment.


Our mission is to help our players get to the top through coaching and hard work. Besides for internally, we plan on growing SA esports by helping players grow and by hosting occasional tournaments and cups for teams in the scene to compete in.



Evo Esports was originally called Evolution Online and from that came many different designs that involve the concept of evolution. After countless talks and disagreements on how the logo should look came a design based of off the Trilobites fossils. It looked a lot like it does now but with a tail. It was a good representation of evolution but was to busy to be used as a logo. Once the decision was made to change the name to Evo Esports is when it all came together. Cutting away the tail and adding the new name change to it. The logo now represents our evolutional growth as an MGO (Multi-Gaming Organisation).

The Overwatch Team

Omar "MaestrO" Salie


Role: Main Tank

Stefan "Phoenixtears" Morris

Role: Tank

Emily "SpacePanda" Stander


Role: Support

Johan "Vonn" Filen

Role: Support


Role: DPS Flex


Role: DPS

The Call of duty: black ops 4 squad

Vaughan "Fanboyz" Schutte

Specialist: Crash

Brendan "Trexyy" Viljoen

Specialist: Tempest

Luke "Trigga" Vanhoutte

Specialist: Vision

Justin " LoyalRitti" Wong Fatt

Specialist: Ruin

Ryno "Vitalz" Bothma

Specialist: Battery

EMP Logo

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 16:00 pm

Contact Us

Email: info@evomediap.com
Tel: 010 125 0403

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You can follow Evo Media Productions or EMP for short on all major social platforms. News, contests and special offers are announced on these platforms.